Four-point contact slewing rings(FLA32 series) with flange rings 
Four-point contact slewing rings(FLA32 series) with flange rings
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Ball slewing rings with flange rings


1)Single row design with four-point raceway geometry
2)Untoothed rings with flange thicknesses of 12 and 21mm
3)Ball diameters 20 and 32mm
4)Raceway diameters of 311 to 1091mm or 955 to 1455mm
5)For applications with light loads
6)Enables lightweight structures in spite of large bearing diameters
7)Applications:handling technology,manlift platforms,turntables

FRB Bearings provides users with FLA series four-point contact ball flange series bearings.FLA32 series has an inner flange and outer teeth, good carrying capacity and easy installation features.At the same time, we can redesign the bearing according to customers' needs. We have rich experience and complete product series, which can fully meet users' needs for standard and non-standard bearings. Welcome new and old customers to order.          

Four-point contact slewing rings(FLA32 series) Dimensions Parameters

FLA32 Series four point flanged slewing ring.pngFLA32 Series four point flanged slewing bearings.png

1. Please refer to the FRB technical drawings for detailed technical parameters.
2. If you have other technical requirements, please let us know when you order.
3. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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