Cross roller slewing bearings (XFU series) without gear teeth  
Cross roller slewing bearings (XFU series) without gear teeth 
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Crossed roller slewing bearings

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–These preloaded slewing rings can support higher loads than four point contact bearings. They have proved themselves particularly where bearings are subjected to high radial forces and moderate axial and tilting moment loads.

–They are suitable for applications with uniform running free from stick-slip, low rotational resistance and high requirements for axial and radial runout accuracy and rigidity, for example in robots, handling systems and machine tools.

FRB Bearings to provide users with XFU series cross roller bearings without gear teeth which can replace the INA company XU series.At the same time, we can redesign the bearing according to customers' needs. We have rich experience and complete product series, which can fully meet users' needs for standard and non-standard bearings. Welcome new and old customers to order.

XFU series
1)crossed roller bearing without gear teeth
2)cylindrical rollers to DIN 5402, spacers made from plastic
3)lubrication nipple on the circumference of the outer ring
4)rolling element pitch circle diameter from 77 mm to 515 mm  

Cross roller slewing bearings (XFU series) Dimensions Parameters

XU Series cross roller slewing ring.png

XU Series cross roller slewing bearings.png

1. Please refer to the FRB technical drawings for detailed technical parameters.
2. If you have other technical requirements, please let us know when you order.
3. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us and we will reply you as soon as possible.

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