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Several key problems affecting the slewing rings manufacturing

Issuing time:2018-12-11 13:23Source:FRB Bearings Co.,Ltd

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Slewing ring Bearings are commonly used in modern industrial components, compact structure, convenient guide rotation, simple installation, easy maintenance, which is widely used in lifting the transport machinery, mining machine, construction machinery, port machinery, wind power generation, medical equipment, the radar and missile launcher and other large rotary device. FRB Bearings would briefly introduce, the several key problems affecting slewing bearing manufacturing.

Slewing ring bearings manufacturing furnace temperature and heating speed
1). Carbon steel, alloy steel, normalizing furnace charging requirements bottoms in less than or equal to the processing temperature furnace, the furnace temperature, alloy structural steel, alloy tool steel annealing requirements under 550 ℃ furnace charging, along with the furnace heating up.

2).  High speed steel and complex differential cross section larger easy low temperature furnace charging, and mean temperature between 550-700 ℃ with the furnace heating up after 1 to 2 hours.

Speed of cooling and temperature of discharging in the slewing rings manufacturing
1). Carbon steel, alloy steel with furnace cooling after annealing below 550 ℃, can empty out cold.

2). High alloy steel annealing cooling rate should not be greater than 100 ℃ / hour, it came empty cold cool to below 550 ℃.

3). Isothermal annealing after isothermal with furnace cooling below 550 ℃ from air cooling, for small and simple can direct air cooling after isothermal.

4). Normalizing parts in the air spread cooling, not allowed to pile up or put in a damp place with water cooling.

5). To eliminate the carbide network normalizing, above 700 ℃ should take appropriate forced cooling.

Heating equipment in the slewing rings manufacturing
1. Annealed parts and normalizing parts are mainly heated by box-type heating furnace. For parts needing protection, salt furnace or carburizing furnace can be used.

2. Heating equipment and temperature measuring device shall comply with relevant regulations.

The operation method and matters needing attention in the turntable bearing manufacturing
1).  The parts shall be placed in the pre-set effective heating area during furnace loading. The furnace loading quantity and furnace loading mode shall ensure that the parts can be uniformly heated and cooled without causing defects.

2). After the furnace should check the parts and heating elements do not have contact before power heating

3).  The heat preservation time is from the furnace to the process temperature, should be extended when the furnace load is large.

4).  For long and thin sheet parts, furnace should be particularly careful to prevent deformation.

Due to Slewing Bearings are generally in a key position in the system, plays an important role, so FRB Bearings remind everybody in the slewing ring processing and manufacturing should be paid attention to the above problems, quality control, to produce the high quality of slewing bearing products.

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