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How to select crane slewing bearing type ?

Issuing time:2018-11-20 12:00Source:FRB Bearings Co.,Ltd

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Slewing ring bearings is a bearing that can bear a lot of weight, often used in different industries.And there are many types of swing bearing, different types have different use case.But generally speaking, slewing ring are more used in construction machinery, so what type of slewing bearings should be used by cranes?

FRB BEARINGS technology personnel according to their years of related experience, according to crane is a large machinery, so choosing the slewing bearing must have a lot of tolerance, and compact structure.Therefore, the crane slewing bearing can choose three rows of roller type turntable bearing, single-row four-point contact ball type slewing ring, which can increase the overall contact area and withstand various loads at the same time. The diameter of this type slewing ring bearing is also large, which is specially used for heavy machinery equipment.

In special working environment, such as: tropics, large temperature, dust, temperature and continuous continuous work, the period of filling grease should be shortened, and every 50 hours should be guaranteed;Gear normal work should ensure that each work 150 hours smear detergent, intense work, should work every 75 hours daub detergent once, attention, before daub detergent must clean teeth.New grease must be refilled before and after a long period of stasis of the machine. Each grease must be filled with the raceway until it overflows from the sealing device.

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