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How to solve the unflexible slewing bearing?

Tempo pubblicato:2018-10-11 20:43fonte:FRB Bearings

slewing ring solution.jpg

For mechanical products, the slewing ring bearing is one of the indispensable parts, but sometimes we will find that it is not flexible would happen, if it is not flexible, so there will be a lot of trouble in use, and there is no way to good work, FRB Bearings appear to share slewing ring binding or movement inflexible reasons and solutions.

1. The deformation or broken tooth of the swing bearings causes the stuck or the movement is not flexible.
The solution: repair the gear, reweld the gear.

2. There is a problem with the slewing bearing sealing system, which will cause the entry sundries, such as stones, sand, etc. to become stuck or not sensitive to movement.
The solution: get rid of all the clutter.

3. Overload operation makes the slewing bearing movement not flexible.
The solution: reduce the workload.

4. The slewing ring position is not flat.
The solution: you need to change the platform position and work in a flat position.

5. There is a lack of lubricating oil in the sewing ring gear, and the grease increases the friction and the resistance, which will result in the insensitivity of movement.
The solution: add the same specification of lubricants or replace all lubricants.

After knowing the reason why the slewing bearing is not flexible and the solution, we don't need to worry about it in the future.In addition to these knowledge, it is also necessary for users to know how to use the slewing ring bearing and related maintenance methods.

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