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What causes the cross roller bearing fault vibration?

Tempo pubblicato:2018-10-04 14:02fonte:FRB Bearings Co.,LTD

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The cross roller bearing fault vibration fault vibration is mainly caused by the following reasons:

1) Excessive load causes excessive deformation of inner and outer rings and rolling body, resulting in vibration - transmission vibration caused by the change of center of rotary axis of cross roller bearing with rolling body position, as well as vibration caused by inaccurate installation or different sizes of rolling body. Generally, such vibration is of low frequency.

2) Nonlinear vibration due to poor lubrication of grease.

3) Vibration caused by damage to cross roller bearings.When the inner and outer ring, the rolling body erosion or other defects, will produce a certain frequency of pulse to cause the vibration of the cross-cylindrical roller bearing, the vibration of the cross-roller bearing is complex.It includes the forced vibration caused by periodic pulse, as well as the natural vibration of the bearing system of high frequency or higher frequency, and the vibration diagnosis of the fault of cross roller bearing is to use various methods to process this rich vibration signal and analyze the vibration cause.

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