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What are the used screws requirements in building mechanical slewing bearings?

Tempo pubblicato:2018-10-01 05:12fonte:FRB Bearings Co.,Ltd

mechanical slewing  bearings

It is well known that slewing bearings are used in many fields and are also one of the most important construction machinery parts.To ensure the safe operation of slewing ring, the whole process of production and installation of slewing bearings is often involved.FRB Bearings will introduce what are the used screws requirements in building mechanical slewing bearings?, come together to understand!

1. Requirements for bolts used:
The size of bolts used shall conform to the regulations of GB/ T5782-2000 and GB/ T5783-2000, and the strength grade shall not be lower than the 8.8 level specified in GB/ T3098.1-2000, and the proper strength grade shall be selected according to the bearing capacity.So make sure you choose the right bolt.That's how it works.

2. Operating standard of nuts:
The size of nuts shall comply with the provisions of GB/ T6170-2000 and GB/T6175-2000, and their mechanical properties shall comply with the provisions of GB/ T3098.2-2000.Therefore, the standard of nut use is also very strict, which should be noted.

During installation, bolt tightening shall be performed according to the specifications of the main engine, and certain pre-tightening force shall be ensured. Unless specially specified, generally pre-tightening force is due to 0.7 times of bolt limit, a little oil is allowed at the threaded part when tightening.So just calculate the screw of slewing bearings is installed normally good, so everybody should notice above a few points when operating, do not operate carelessly random, avoid to appear a problem,bring about the occurrence of accident.After installation, regular maintenance and maintenance.Reduce problems caused by long-term maintenance and waste manpower and resources.

Are you clear about the above introduction?If you have any questions,please feel free to contact FRB Bearings. Our company is one of the earliest professional companies engaged in the design and manufacture of slewing ring bearings.Looking forward to your visit!

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