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Slewing bearing for wind turnbine
In usually, the wind-energy system is bad, with more dusty, strong erodibility, high temperature difference and difficult to maintenan. So the life time of slewing bearing is required to at least 20 years.

The wind-energy slewing bearing is devied into : yaw bearing (slewing bearing), pitching bearing (slewing bearing), generator bearings (cylinder roller bearing, angular contact ball bearing), gear box bearing(cylinder roller bearing,deep groove ball bearing), spindle bearing (symmetrical spherical)etc.
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Slewing bearing for excavator
Manufacturers of excavator aim for high-speed, high-quality compacting, which requires high vibration. By meeting these specific demands, Thanks to latest technology calculation, design is permanently optimized to follow our customers new developments, in order to offer what the market needs.

Our slewing bearings provide reliable, highly productive and cost-effective solutions for the drum support and steering pivot. Due to the integrated heavy-duty hub seal, the bearing remains unaffected by the hot asphalt environment and is protected against water intrusion.
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Slewing drive for solar power generation
Solar power generation, also called optical or photovoltaic power generation, is the new clean energy developed all over the world with a promising future. The solar cell panel of the solar power generation system needs to change its angle according to the position of the sun to collect the solar rays and heat for a high generating efficiency. We carefully design and develop a turning pair with external-gear bearing sealed in the wheel for the sun tracing machine.

FRB slewing drive have been widely used by tens of domestic companies in many applications including the solar power generator, lifting equipment, excavating machinery, transportation and special vehicles, aerial working platform, machinery turning table and satellite earth antenna.
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Rotary table bearing for rotating platformThe hollow rotating platform is a revolutionary new product. Used in a variety of rotary sports. High efficiency, high precision, high rigidity, high cost performance in one. It is a revolutionary product in rotary motion mechanism.

Rotary table bearing can be used to the machine tool and other high precision machinery of the rotary table or sub-set, and also can be sued for chuck, measuring instruments and test equipment and rotary table configuration.
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Thin section ball bearing for medical applications
Thin section ball bearing
dedicated to medical applications are designed for a high rotating speed, constant rotating torque and low noise under rotation controlled in our Technology, specifically for Radiotherapy applications.

FRB has developed a specific testing room to analyse the impact of raceway and gear data on noise level, we then modify our geometry in accordance with required noise level determined by the customers requirements.
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Crossed roller bearing for industrial robot
Robots are used in various industries to position work pieces very quickly and accurately. Some robots, not limited to movements, have multi-joint assemblies letting them simulate the movements of human arms. These joint sections must have a high swing accuracy and high rigidity ensuring that sudden stops do not put them off-track, FRB cross roller bearings are powerful and small enough to meet those demands.

FRB crossed roller bearings of inside and outside by the integral structure around it, rigid better, particularly suitable for installation size limited, high precision, and at the same time, high rigidity requirements of the occasion.
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